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Mr Merlin - a winner of the coveted 'UK Children's Entertainer Of The Year', has been a full time professional children's entertainer since 1994. Even before then he worked on the entertainments teams at Pontins and Haven. He ran a children's entertainment club with (on occasions) 100+ children for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. This gave him lots of experience and many of the skills he uses today. He then went on to become the entertainments manager on holiday parks in Christchurch and New Milton responsible for entertaining the whole family. It was whilst on these parks that he developed his adult comedy-magic cabaret act, became proficient at close-up magic and now wows audiences all over the world. As well as perform, he also teaches too in a magic workshop for older children.

Mr Merlin typically performs 45 minute children's shows, but for fives and over, he also does the full package with games, competitions and music. He even supplies any required prizes. He will, of course adapt what he does around your needs to ensure that you get exactly what you want. If you want a Punch & Judy show in a booth small enough to fit indoors, he can do that too. He does a traditional show with hand carved puppets, with all the old elements but without the over-the-top violence.

He is a past winner of the Bournemouth Children's Entertainer Of The Year and he was also voted number one by an audience of his peers at the UK Children's Entertainer Of The Year in the Midlands at a children's entertainer convention. Yes, they do exist!

Regular visits to conventions are important to keep him enthused and fresh. Even as experienced as he is, Mr Merlin is always learning and travels all over the world, gaining knowledge from the world's best at lectures and meetings. Early in 2015 he even travelled to California to a children's entertainer convention there.

Primarily a birthday party magician, Mr Merlin can work at many different events and locations. Schools, nurseries, pre-schools are the bulk of his work at end of term parties. During the summer, hotels, holiday parks, festivals, carnivals, fêtes and tourist destinations  fill his diary. Mr Merlin (and Okey Dokey of course) also do lots of work for the corporate sector at company events, shopping centres, and promotional work. Basically wherever there is a call for a children's entertainer or wherever the family entertainment is needed, Mr Merlin and Okey Dokey the Dragon will do a great job and put a smile on everyone's face.

UK Children's Entertainer of the year!

Family together Smiling and waving

Hints and Tips for parents

Parties can be stressful to organise. A children's entertainer for birthdays, weddings, christenings or even school and Christmas parties. If you have a party hint of your own you would like to share, let Mr Merlin know and he may add it to the list and so help other parents and event organisers. Here are some helpful hints to help things go smoothly.

Boy Magician with a magic hat holding playing cards

For older children, Mr Merlin can put together a one hour workshop with superb magical close-up magic skills finishing off with a workshop where he teaches skills the children can impress friends and family alike. It is fun, educational and is a great confidence booster. Mr Merlin travels all through Dorset and Hampshire for this, not just in the Bournemouth and Poole area.

Children's Entertainer in Bournemouth

Mr Merlin is a father of beautiful twin girls. He moved to Bournemouth in 1993 and his wife is Poole born and bred. Originally from Wales (Hence the red dragon), Mr Merlin now considers Dorset his home. He loves the New Forest, cheers on AFC Bournemouth and occasionally goes to watch the Poole Pirates Speedway. He has been a full time professional magician and children's entertainer since 1994 and travels mostly across the south coast towards Southampton and Portsmouth in the East, Dorchester and Weymouth in the West and up towards Salisbury. On occasions, he has been known to travel further afield, often doing shows in London and even one off performances in Egypt, Spain and Las Vegas. His favourite venues locally are at the Kids Fun Festival in Bournemouth Gardens and on the Quay in Poole for Fireworks nights.

Wyn Jones Comedy/Magician

As well as entertaining children, Mr Merlin (a.k.a. Wyn Jones) also entertains at functions in most top Bournemouth and Poole hotels, weddings, and parties as a wandering close-up magician. Comedy cabaret too! Click here, or on the title to check out his website.

Mr Merlin with dragon Okey Dokey looking up

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