DJ Sheep with headphones and bling

DJ Sheep with headphones and bling

Some of the Birthday packages available.

Or get in touch if you have something else in mind.

Some of the Birthday packages available.

Or get in touch if you have something else in mind.

Package 1

45 minute show
  • Fun Family Magic Show
  • Participation
  • Comedy
  • Ventriloquism
  • Suitable for all ages

Package 2

1 Hour Mini-Package
  • Fun Magic Show
  • Also includes 15 mins of games
  • For Children Aged 4+

Package 3

Full Party Package
  • Fun Magic Show
  • Fun games
  • Prizes & Music
  • 90 minute package
  • For Children Aged 5+

Package 4

Magic Workshops
  • Suitable for older children
  • 1 or 1.5 hour package
  • 30 minutes close-up magic
  • 30/60 minute learning workshop
  • Price includes 10 Magic Gift Bags

Alternative packages.

For schools, businesses and organisations.

Option 1

Schools & Nurseries
  • Magic suitable for all school ages
  • Cute puppets for pre-schools.
  • Ideal for Xmas parties or 'rewards'
  • Awareness of 'sensitive children'.
  • Magic workshops available too

Option 2

Corporate Events
  • Single show, or all day.
  • Show/magic for adults.
  • Christmas or Summer packages.
  • Mingling if required.
  • Other acts available on request.

Option 3

Fêtes & Carnivals
  • Multiple shows.
  • Mingling magic/ventriloquism.
  • Self contained amplification.
  • Gazebo available (extra charge).
  • I can compere your event too!

Mr Merlin with Okey Dokey The Dragon and a sheep standing behind a notice board.

Information about the Birthday packages.


45 Minute Magic and Fun Show

This show is suitable for all ages and is ideal for parties and events where the whole family can be entertained. 'Panto' style magic is the order of the day, with less emphasis on the tricks and more on interacting with the children, getting them laughing and having fun. The show normally concludes with a ventriloquist routine with Okey Dokey the Dragon. Mr Merlin's sidekick is seen as cute and cuddly by the very young, cheeky and irreverent by older children and hilarious even by adults. This is the ideal package for any conceivable event where children are involved. Weddings, Christenings, Schools, Company events, Christmas Parties, Hotels and Holiday Parks, Fêtes & Carnivals and tourism events. However, if it's a birthday party, Okey Dokey always finishes off singing Happy Birthday and makes the birthday child feel very special on their day.

Mini 1 Hour Package

Once all set up and ready to go, the children are gathered to play some fun games for 15 minutes or so. They range from musical bumps and traffic lights, to games I developed from years of experience doing parties and before that running children's clubs. The key thing for younger children especially is that there is lots of variety and the games are quick and fun. There is no emphasis on winners and no 'elimination' games where children can be sat out bored.
After the games, little ones are settled down for the 45 minute magic show. At the end, Okey Dokey the Dragon comes out and has some fun. He can also sing Happy Birthday, so if you haven't done it yet, this may be a good time to blow out those candles.

Full Party Package

This package lasts for 90 minutes. A top of the range p.a. system is used which plays music for party songs and for the fun games & competitions for the children. Mr Merlin provides the necessary prizes, and perform the 45 minute show too. The games are typically done as soon as the children arrive. Other entertainers may wait until everyone has arrived but Mr Merlin has developed a game which encourages participation from even the shy children right from the very start ensuring you get great value for money. Once the games are done, time for a quick drink/toilet break and a party dance, then to  settle them down for the magic show. At the end, Okey Dokey the Dragon makes an appearance. This is usually the children's favourite part of the show, so this is why Mr Merlin  likes to keep the best until last. If you book for a birthday party, this is where you may want to bring out the cake and we can get the children to sing Happy Birthday. The games last 45 minutes and the show is 45 minutes too, so once completed, they are marched to the table where they have their birthday tea.

Magic Workshop

For older children who feel that they have grown out of the traditional children's party, Mr Merlin has developed an ideal package. Typically for children aged 8 and over and often performed for young adults even as old as 15/16. Around 30 minutes is spent wowing them with the type of magic you would only normally see on TV from the likes of Dynamo. Card and coin magic, predictions and sleight of hand all feature. We then move on to showing them some magic that they can practice at home. The magic isn't so difficult that they will be frustrated learning, but isn't so simple that they'd be easily bored with. It's also good enough to fool adults. It's great for helping build confidence and is really suitable for children who don't like the noise and energy of a typical party. Mr Merlin doesn't dress as he does for other shows favouring a jacket, t-shirt and jeans perhaps and works under the name of Merlin's Magical Workshops. Ideal for those 'cool kids' who may be worried that a 'silly clown' will turn up. Within the cost of the show, Mr Merlin includes 10 magic gift bags which include playing cards and lots of other props so the children can learn magic during the workshop and then continue to practice the tricks at home. Extra bags are available for a nominal charge.

Information about the Alternative packages.


Schools & Nurseries

Mr Merlin can perform his show to the whole school for end of term events, class rewards, or Christmas parties. He can even work in a theme or 'message' if required. His p.a. system can cope with large halls and audiences and the act is very suitable for large age ranges.
A new schools option that Mr Merlin has recently made available is the 'Magic Share Package'. The school sells tickets direct via the parents or involving the PTA and so the fee is paid and the school (or a nominated charity) also makes money.
For  younger children Mr Merlin can adapt his show to suit. Over the Christmas period and before the summer break especially, he performs at dozens of nurseries and pre-schools so he has had plenty of experience ensuring that the show suits 3 and 4 year olds. Often, parents are amazed at how even 2 year olds sit and watch what’s going on. It’s fast paced, colourful and energetic with lots of ‘light and shade’. Mr Merlin is fully aware at how the tone of voice and body language can affect whether children ‘take’ to adults and always has a great rapport with them. 
No loud noises or anything scary happens during the show and any child selected to come up to help is done halfway into the show to allow Mr Merlin to assess which are the more confident ones. However, feel free to let him know before everything starts who would make ideal volunteers. 
Sensitive children and those that are ‘over excited’ are always taken into consideration and Mr Merlin adapts to ensure that their, and everyone else’s show experience is not compromised.  
Finally, whereas Okey Dokey is a cheeky, boisterous character for the older kids, he is a lot friendlier and cuddlier with the younger children. Some even like to come up and give him a cuddle. ☺

Corporate Events

If you have a company event that requires entertainment, or you run a shopping centre that needs promotion then you may be considering hiring a children’s entertainer. You may be involved in the tourism industry and need something special for your guests. Mr Merlin has a show suitable for all ages. Events where families gather always have wide age ranges which can be challenging but with over 20 years experience, Mr Merlin performs on multi levels. Like those Disney Pixar movies that adults and children can enjoy but for different reasons, Mr Merlin weaves his humour and performance in such a way that a 3 year old, an 8 year old and even an adult get different things from it.
You can always be assured of a fully professional service with an efficient online booking system that automatically produces and despatches an invoice on confirmation of a booking. £10 million Public Liability is held as standard and Mr Merlin can provide high resolution images for your publicity. He also has a large network of colleagues to draw from so should you need other entertainers, be they stiltwalkers, circus acts, jugglers, fire-performers and face painters, Mr Merlin would be happy to help you with this matter too.

Fêtes & Carnivals

During the summer months a large proportion of Mr Merlin’s work is at carnivals, fêtes, festivals and other similar events. He can do just the one show or several throughout the day. If required, Mr Merlin is able to mingle with Okey Dokey the Dragon. He often does this early on, meeting and greeting families and telling them about the shows later on. For all day events and for a small extra charge, Mr Merlin can bring a 3m x 3m waterproof gazebo in his trademark red and yellow colours, which can be a bright addition to any event.
If you have a raffle that needs doing, or a presentation that needs doing Mr Merlin would only be too happy to be involved too.
Finally, Mr Merlin can help promote your event. With several hundred followers on Facebook and Twitter, he can advertise his appearance to people who have expressed a desire to come and see his shows when he performs at public events. If you are able to get sponsorship to pay his fee, Mr Merlin would be happy to promote the benefactor on the day and also leading up to it on social media thereby giving the sponsor a potentially new target market.


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